DPS Bhopal Alumni

'Association of DPS Alumni (ADA)' was formed on 26 Dec 2016. The aim of the Association is to promote interaction and networking among the alumni of the school, establish a very congenial and close association of the Alumni with their Alma Mater, and contribute to the vision of the parent body Jagran Social Welfare Society (JSWS).

To take a walk down the lanes of nostalgia, Alumni Meets of Delhi Public School, Bhopal are held every year with great enthusiasm and extravaganza. It is generally held in two sessions in which more than 500 alumni assemble from across the globe. In the morning sporting events are held and in the evening a gala celebration is held where the students enjoy and celebrate with their parted friends and old teachers. The evening witnesses a plethora of activities ranging from exuberant reunions, fun and frolic, felicitations and tearful adieus.

The students share their emotions for and gratitude towards the teachers and the alma mater. Amidst tears and jubilation, emotions and feelings, it is a great meeting of students and their mentors.

Such meetings are an annual affair and ensure more interaction between the present and old students.

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