Humanities & Social Science Department

Name of The Teachers Classes Taught Educational Qualifications Subject
Dr Sakina Naidu (HOD) 10th 11th and 12th M.A (History and GEO)  Ph.D ,  BED History
Mrs Sangeeta Waghmare 11th and 12th M.A (History and Poltical Science) ,  BED POL SCI
Mrs Mamta Singh 9 , 10, and 12 M.A GEO,  BED GEO
 Mrs Veena R Singh  9, 10 and 11 M.A GEO, BED GEO
Mrs Preeti Singh 9 ,10 ,11 and 12 MA History History
Mrs Roli Singh 9, 10 and 11 M.A(History and Poltical Science)
 Dr Neha Bhuraria  9 and 10 M.A (History) .PhD .BED SST
Mrs Bhawna Sen 9 and 10 M.A History,  BED SST
Mr Navjot S Siddhu 9 and 10 M.A History,  BED SST
Mrs Sarwat Fatima 9 and 10 M.A GEO  BED GEO
Mrs Nazima A.  Dy Hod  7 ,8 and 9 M.A (History and English) BED SST
Mrs Kiran  Sandhu 4, 5 and 6 B.COM, M.A (Englishlish and Economics)
Mrs Neena Likhi  7 and 8 B.COM, .BED, M.ED, MPhill SST
Mrs Tehmina Kamal  7 and 8 M.A (English and GEO), BED  SST
Dr  Juhi Sharma 7 and 8 M.A (Economics), PhD SST
Mrs Neetu Sehgal  6 and 7 B.COM .BED  SST
Mrs Madiha Parwaiz 6 and 7 B.A, M.A, B.ED (Result Awaited) SST
Mrs Tasneem Bano 6 and 7  B.A , B.ED SST
Mrs Asmita Kaur 4 and 5 M.A(Sociology and Economics) BED SST
Mrs  Anamika Soni 4 and 5  B.Ccom, B.ED SST
Mrs Almas  3 M.A(English), B.ED SST and English