Humanities & Social Science Department

Name of The Teachers Classes Taught Educational Qualification Subject
Mrs Sangeeta Waghmare 10th to 12th MA (Political Science & History), B. Ed POL SCI
Dr Neha Bhuraria 10th to 12th P.HD(History),M.A,B.Ed. SST
Mrs Roli Singh 10th to 12th MA(History & Political Science), B.Ed. SST and POL SCI
Mrs Nazima Ainuddin 10th to 12th MA (English) ,MA( History ), B.Ed. SST
Mrs Mamta Singh 9th to 12th MA(Geography) , B. Ed, MA(History) Pursuing GEO
Mrs Veena Rai Singh 9th to 12th MA(Geo) B.Ed. GEO
Mr. Mohit Shrotriya 9th, 10th and 12th BA Econoics (Honours), B.Ed., MA(History) Pursuing
Mr. Firoz Khan 9th and 10th MA(Geography), B.Ed. GEO
Mrs Bhawna Sen 9th and 10th MA(History),  B.Ed SST
Ms. Era Swarup 9th and 10th B.A., MBA, B.Ed.
Ms. Akanksha Maheshwarni 9th and 10th BE (Mechanical), MA(Public Administration)
Mrs Sarwat Fatima 9th and 10th MA, B.Ed. GEO
Mrs Neena Likhi 7th and 8th M.Phill (Economics), M.Ed, MA(History) SST
Mrs Tehmina Kamal Yezdani 7th and 8th MA(English), B.Ed, MA (Geography), BA(Political Science), MA(History) Pursuing SST
Mrs Neetu Sehgal 6th to 8th M.Com .B.Ed, AA(Political Science) Pursuing SST
Mrs Kiran Sandhu 6th to 8th MA(English), MA(Economics) B.Ed. SST
Ms Prachi Pandey 6th and 7th M.Com, MA(Mass Comm), M.Phil(Mass Comm), MA(History), B.Ed.  
Mrs Tasneem Bano 6th and 7th M. Com, MA(History), B. Ed SST
Mrs  Anamika Soni 4th and 5th B.Com, BCA, B.Ed, PGDCA SST
Ms Ritika Tiwari 4th and 5th B.Com (Hons), MA (Economics), Diploma in Child Guidance and Counseling, B.Ed., MA(Education) Pursuing  
Mrs Asmita Kaur 4th and 5th MA(Economics), M.Phil(Economics), B.Ed SST
Ms Anjali Iyer 3rd to 5th B.Com (Hons.), MBA, B. Ed
Ms Yamini Bhargava 3rd B.Ed, MA English SST & Eng