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Extracurricular activities are a critical component of DPS Bhopal. The School provides students numerous and varied avenues to display and develop their talents. They range from sports and games to music and dance along with multifariousArt and Craft activities.Students get a solid platform to participate in diverse competitions ranging from literary to performing arts to multiple sports. MUN – Model United Nations, a regular feature in DPS Bhopal is an activity in which students enact as delegates to the United Nations and feign UN committees thus preparing the children to become future Diplomats and International Relation experts.

Olympiad Examinations in Science, Mathematics, Computers, English and Geography are conducted at the national and international levels, giving students multifaceted exposure and prepares them to face future challenges.

Admission Open for 2021 - 22

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DPS Neelbad - Best School in Bhopal

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