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Class 1 and Class 2

We at DPS Bhopal call the Preparatory Level “Twitter Zone“.

The beautiful, well-equipped and maintained block of Twitter Zone is an excellent platform for the twittering birdies where they are taught various activities, exposed to many clubs to develop and polish their co-scholastic skills apart from the scholastic areas.

Well designed technically crafted block for grade 1 and 2 has an AC auditorium named Opera House which gives the opportunity to students to showcase their talent in the most effective manner. We also have Live labs viz. Rhythm, Bytes, Colour Palette, and Recreation room to give a different dimension to the Holistic growth to Child’s personality.

A lot of emphasis is given to reading and enhancing the conversational skills of the Tweeties. They are groomed to be better and confident individuals. A structured and well-planned curriculum by experienced and dedicated teachers helps to learn easily.

Teaching Goals and Objectives: A team of experienced and committed teachers has a common goal i.e. to shape each Tweety into a smart, confident, and polished individual ready to face the challenges ahead. The curriculum is planned for both the segments of Grades 1-2 wherein each and every subject taught is made interesting and activity-oriented for better learning. The focus is on reading and enhancing spoken skills.

Syllabus and Curriculum

Various activities on concepts taught are planned which are structured and help in better learning. They include language and art-craft (take away) activities, DEAR Time for improving reading, regular assemblies are also planned wherein the learners are taught concepts in groups by taking up teaching topics. Various scientific experiments are also conducted to  give experiential learning and learning by doing. Circle Time activities are also planned to enhance the oratory skills and encourage the learners to express themselves. Computer Science also comes with interesting activities like making of mouse pad apart from regular visits to the lab to get hands-on experience to work on the system. The Tweeties show all-round development in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

  • Various clubs are also organized to further groom and polish the Tweeties.
  • Structured and well-planned activities help to understand concepts.
  • Various activities for reading and oration are conducted regularly.
  • The concepts taught are value-based as well.
  • The numerical abilities are strengthened through mathematical concepts.
  • The learners are able to apply scientific knowledge to various day-to-day phenomena.
  • The teaching of languages also helps in better communication and increase in vocabulary.

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