Principal’s Message

Like tiny seeds with potent power to push through tough ground and become mighty trees, we hold innate reserves of unimaginable strength. We are resilient.”

Dear Visitors,

Human spirit is an invincible and unstoppable force which rejuvenates and heals with time and situation and no calamity or lockdown is enough to impede the learning process. It was as if an enigmatic force propelled us out of the crisis and reconfirmed our faith that where there is a will, there is a way.

Now, as we are slowly but steadily re-gaining foothold, all signs point to another incredible and productive school year. At the very outset, I wish to congratulate the commendable academic achievements of our Dipsites despite many unforeseen disruptions last year. I also take immense pride to applaud the effervescent resilience and enthusiasm of each and every member of Team DPS to adapt to the digital mode of teaching and learning and to continue with it zestfully. Be it uninterrupted Online Classes, Objective Assessments, Vibrant Competitions and Activities or Robust Virtual Ceremonies, we continued with unwavering spirit and kept the show going testifying that schools were not closed, school buildings were closed but the sparks of learning have been kept perennially ignited by our dedicated faculty who upgraded their skills with the challenges of time and technology through Virtual Development Programs, Digital Workshops, Online Certifications Courses to render their altruistic obligation of imparting knowledge to our students as unacclaimed and unsung warriors of the society and country.

COVID-19 pandemic is clearly a sign of changing times.This pandemic has given us many difficulties but with every challenge comes an opportunity. It has brought glaring changes across several sectors. Education is one of them. The inaccessibility to physical classrooms accelerated a new educational pedagogy, with digital at its heart. The advent of technology has changed the dynamics of the Student – Teacher Relationship. Teaching is no longer one-sided. And technology is the language of tomorrow; students have learnt to equip themselves through this futuristic tool. A blended learning approach is the “New Model” in the “New Normal” for course delivery.

The current scenario has shown the importance of adaptability and acquisition of 21 st -Century skills such as creative and critical thinking skills, communication and collaborative skills. Keeping this in mind, DPS Bhopal has always strived to nurture the next generation of global leaders who can thrive anywhere in the world. The mission of the school is to create a community of curious, lifelong learners through compassion, collaboration and creative pursuits to achieve global sustainable goals.

Change is the medium through which students of today are destined to grow. Amidst such a period of transformation, we welcome NEP and see it as a much-awaited reform in Education Sector. The NEP envisages a pragmatic approach towards education ecosystem of our country by undertaking major reforms that bring the highest quality, equity and integrity into the system from Early Childhood Care and education through higher education.

We feel that we are at an advantage as the measures suggested in the NEP for school education are already put in practice at DPS such as conceptualization of learning, flexible assessment modules linked to learning outcomes, pedagogies to make education more experiential, holistic, integrated, inquiry driven, discovery oriented, learner – centric, discussion based, flexible and enjoyable. We deploy such learning methods to ensure the learning curve of all our students continues to move upwards. Each year brings positive change. I owe my gratitude to the parents and all the stakeholders for their faith in us. Your commitment to ensure that DPS remains a celebrated and successful school is awe-inspiring. Your consistent support empowers us to do more and more. We are committed to live up to the rich testimony of two decades of excellence and to add a new leaf to the grandeur of the school.

Vinita Malik