Special Features

  1. Personal, social and emotional development of the DPS family:
    This session is planned after the child gets admission in the school. The parent has a session with the school Counselor, dietician and the class teacher. The parents are made aware of the yearly curriculum and the school policy.
  2. ‘The Graduation Ceremony of Prepites ‘:
    Graduation marks a very important milestone in child’s academic life. It is important to celebrate this moment with an event that will be as memorable as the rest of the year was.

    The students of Kidzone formally graduate to grade 1 in a touching Graduation Ceremony planned especially for them. They narrate their memories of Kidszone as they begin with formal schooling from Grade 1. The Nursery students perform a farewell dance for PREPITES. The evening witnesses the moments of warm exchange between the mother teachers and parents as they move out to more formal way of school life. It’s a big change for the little kids as the emphasis shifts from play-based learning to more desk time.

  3. Coffee Noon with Maa and Pa : Celebration by Pre Nursery students where the parents of Pre Nursery students are invited over a cup of Coffee with the teachers and the students of Pre Nursery perform a cultural programme.
  4. Grandparents’ Day Celebration: A day celebrated in honour of the Grandparents by Nursery toddlers. The students showcase their talent by putting forward a cultural evening. The Nursery toddlers also express their emotions for grandparents through speeches and poems. An evening where family ties are further strengthened. The grandparents express their views and enjoy fun games especially organised for them.
  5. Father’s Day Out: It is a celebration by nursery toddlers, honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. It is a fun activity day especially planned for the fathers. It is a gala event! A day for the dads from their usual routine and give them time to bond further with their wards in a fun filled ambience.
  6. Orientation: Special orientation programme is planned for the parents, who are the new members
  7. Personal Pickups: The parents are issued a special Parent ID card which they need to produce during Personal Pickup of their child.
  8. Star Child: A child per section is identified each month and his/her picture along with his/her likes and dislikes is displayed. It motivates the children to be there on the class wall and inspires them to perform to the best of their ability. The children are encouraged to enjoy sharing the success of their peers. They also get motivated to work hard so they could be the star child.
  9. Parent Teachers Meet: In an academic session around 5 to 6 parent teacher meetings are held, where parents get a platform to share their views and concern about the child. The teacher also gets an opportunity to talk in person about each child to the parent as special time slots are allotted for each child.
  10. Transport: A well connected route is planned for the children coming from various areas of Bhopal. The route is planned keeping in mind the least commuting time. Each bus is supported by a school staff driver, staff conductor, a bus teacher in-charge. The buses are covered from the very first stop to the last stop by the bus teacher or the female attendant for security reasons. The students commuting by buses are given special bus badges to be worn. The buses are under CCTV surveillance and have GPS facility. The parents get a text message about the position of the bus for their child’s bus stop.
  11. Security: The School has strict entry rules and avoids visitors during school hours. For security the campus is under CCTV surveillance and has guards posted at various positions. We have a safe and secure building with fully fenced grounds. All adults working in our school, on a regular basis have had security clearances through the appropriate channels.

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