1. Ayushi Mishra-7D and Ayush Mishra-4G participated in the 21st WTSKF International Karate Championship held at Don Bosco School Panaji, Goa from 21.5.19 to 23.5.19 where Ayushi won 1 Silver Medal.
  2. Ayushi Mishra -7D, Ishita Anand -8D, Ehsaas Shrivastava -9F and Mohd. Talha -10G participated in the SGFI State Level Karate Competition held at Jabalpur from 14.10.19 to 20.10.19. Ayushi Mishra won a Gold Medal and Mohd. Talha a Bronze Medal.
  3. Ayushi Mishra 7D participated in the SGFI Karate Nationals held at Jabalpur from 30.11.19 to 5.12.19 and won a silver medal.
  4. Ayushi Mishra 7 won 01 Silver and 02 Bronze, Ishita Anand  8 won 01 Silver and 01 Bronze, Akshita Anand 3 won 01 Bronze Medal in the Champions Cup ( Open National) held at Pune from 24.01.20 to 27.01.20.