The beautiful, well-equipped block of Twitter Zone is an excellent platform for the twittering birdies where they are taught various activities. They are exposed to many clubs to develop and polish their co-scholastic skills. 

Well designed and technically crafted block for Grades 1 and 2 has an AC auditorium called “Opera House” which gives students the opportunity to showcase their talent in the most effective manner. Live labs viz. Rhythm, Bytes, Colour Palette, and Recreation room give a different dimension to the Holistic growth of a Child’s personality. Here is an insight into the Twitter Zone –



A team of experienced, sincere, dedicated, and committed teachers have a common goal to shape each Tweety into a smart, confident, and polished individual ready to face the challenges ahead. The curriculum is planned and co-ordinated for both the segments of Grades 1-2 for a smooth transition wherein each and every subject taught is made interesting and activity-oriented for better teaching-learning. The Activity Teachers also are skilled in their respective areas with finesse so that the Tweeties have an all-round development. The focus is on reading and enhancing spoken skills to make them better individuals. Learning objectives of individual subjects and activities are met for better outcomes.


Various clubs are organized to further groom and polish the Tweeties. Various activities for reading and oration are conducted regularly. All concepts are value-based and numerical abilities are strengthened through mathematical concepts. The learners are able to apply scientific knowledge on various day-to-day phenomena. Focus on languages also helps in better communication and increases their vocabulary.



The syllabus and the curriculum are child-centric and as per the NCERT/NCF guidelines. Both scholastic and co-scholastic subjects are given equal importance. In English, the focus is majorly on reading and comprehension. Students are encouraged to read more and are also further motivated to express their thoughts in words. Mathematical concepts with basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are taught through activities. Hindi as a language is taught keeping in mind the matras for better understanding. GK and other subjects are also dealt with in an interesting manner. The content is developed by the skilled teachers as per the level of the learners following a vertical co-ordination between the two Grades – 1 and 2. Each subject is taught with various inter-related art and language activities for better understanding of the concepts. There is a smooth transition from one Grade to the other and the concepts taught in Grade  1 are further elaborated and taken to the next level of difficulty in Grade 2. This pattern is followed for each subject.  In all, the journey of a learner in Twitter Zone is fun-filled, interesting, and educative. Tweeties love and feel proud to be a part of Twitter Zone and express their desire to continue there itself.



Children at DPS Bhopal are taught to seek knowledge from everything they do. They are encouraged to engage in new ideas and to solve simple practical problems. Our aim is to make them confident enough to demonstrate independence in activities like dressing, personal hygiene and selecting an activity or resources. They are also made comfortable in expressing their feeling but at the same time, they are educated on how to behave in appropriate ways with an understanding of what is right or wrong and why. They develop respect for cultural of their own and also of others. 


A plethora of activities and themes are designed with which every student can relate. The competitions are planned keeping in mind the overall development of the child in the various spheres of learning. Events and Celebrations planned throughout the session gives them an opportunity to face the crowd and express themselves. Sessions on grooming are conducted periodically. All these play a significant role in their personality development.

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